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Natural Material





Real Leather / Leather Products features

1. Genuine Leather is cow, goat, sheep, pigs, horses, deer or other animal raw hides, while the shape must be a bit irregular, unless they have been artificially tailoring.

2. Sizes of leather are depended on raw hides for various shapes. For your design, please note that the wastage rate of leather materials.

3. On the Genuine Leather or Leather products will find some defects, we call that a stab wound, it may be a scars, scratch marks, cuts, or natural striae of animal. Please be aware you are purchasing that a normal and inevitable part.
In additional, Genuine Leather or Leather products are limited for processing by machinery, the quality maybe a little rough, and not smooth. Also slight mechanical damage may occur.

4. Most colors are dyed effect. As ordinary dyeing is not penetrating into the raw leather, so the color at the bottom / middle part will be different.

5. Different styles of leather cord products will be at least + / - 0.2mm tolerance dimensions. As mentioned above, this is the original thickness of the skin thus even if there is deviation from the same material.

Natural Shells Product

Shells have various natural color and textures with high plasticity. They could be used for different design after pondering.

Natural Pearls Product

1. Pearl have various shaped, e.g. circular, semi-circular, bread-shaped, oval, and irregular shape etc.

2. Texture of Pearl are unique, and please note that some are artificial pondering rather than natural.

Semi-Precious Stone Product (including natural crystal, mineral and agate)

1. Crystal, Ore and Jade the color are natural with banded, concentric shell-like or meshed chalcedony, sometimes containing opal substance, and with irregular crack marks

2. Color patches unevenly distributed throughout the gemstone. Its base texture can be coarse or granular, and may be very fine

3. Polishing and grinding process constraints, the edge surface, may be a little rough, not smooth. Usually the size may be a bit difference.
As mentioned above, due to the quality of natural materials was affected by itself, or external factors, and have limit impact of production therefore will not be perfect with neat. Please understand the characteristics of these relevant materials when you want to buy. Or you may consider to buying artificial substitutes if you did not accept the disadvantage of natural products.